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This is a tool for sales through social networks.
Today SMM is not only about cats and likes, but also about real sales. Of course, you can just create a business profile, publish 5 posts a week there, and wait for the crowds of new clients to come in. But it does not work that way. Without a systematic approach there will be no result.

Strategy development

  • Assessment of the current position of the brand in social networks: the number and activity of subscribers, the relevance and quality of content, search for all mentions of the brand in social networks - what and how they talk about you.
  • Competitive analysis.
  • Creation of a portrait of the client.
  • Formulating a unique selling proposition - something that differentiates you from your competitors. It is necessary to build up against the competition and our experts will help in this. Defining the format for social networking

Graphic design

The way you look is the way you look.
  • A business account is the face of the brand in social networks. It should look professional;
  • Design of the information about the company;
  • Content development in the corporate style;
  • Creation of a template for the design of posts that will highlight your publications in the feed;
  • News to subscribers;
  • Attracting customers;
  • Publishing interesting and varied content that reveals your benefits; Engaging your audience and creating demand;
  • Communicating with your account audience in comments and personal messages.

Attracting customers

  • Publishing interesting and varied content that reveals your benefits; Engaging your audience and creating demand;
  • Communicating with your audience in comments and private messages

Result of the work

  • Increase of subscribers;
  • Audience engagement;
  • Requests from potential clients;
  • Increased company image (brand, project, product or service);
  • Integration of your website and other accounts with social platforms;
  • Quality unique content;
  • Management of promotions and special offers;
  • Direct dialogue with customers and passing them on to the sales team;
  • Increased trust from existing and potential customers;
  • Correct and fast handling of comments and messages
starting from $ 450
Facebook / Instagram Ads
Proper targeting advertising in social networks can significantly increase business profits, increase sales and quickly attract potential customers today.
Our work process

  • Drawing up a portrait of the target audience
  • Planning the optimal budget
  • Creation of individual ad design
  • Optimization of advertising campaigns for optimum price per client
  • Setting up Facebook Pixel, integration of the site with social media advertising
  • Working with remarketing lists, insulating and returning customers
  • Monthly reportin

The result of the work

  • Stable and targeted traffic from social networks
  • Increase in sales
  • Reporting of results
starting from $ 500
Site development
A website is the look and visual image of your company. The website is worth working on, because it is the one that turns advertising traffic into orders.
You can easily edit and update the website developed by us, because it will be built on a platform with a user-friendly interface.

Our work process

Terms of Reference. At this stage, it is extremely important to determine the purpose of creating the site and the target audience (TA). It also determines the structure, design and content. We made a plan for the future site.
Creating a prototype of the site. Do not confuse the prototyping of the site with the design. At this stage there is the creation of the structure of the site - where which blocks will be located, in what order and on what pages. Also worked out the navigation of the site, so that visitors could easily and intuitively find the information they are interested in and perform the predetermined actions (shopping, ordering services, registration, etc.).
Site design. At this stage, the designer creates a layout of the site on the requirements of the customer or to your liking - this is a website design. Designers strictly adhere to the preferred colors of the customer, corporate identity and pre-approved prototype site.
Layout and programming. After approval of the customer design, go to the next stage - layout. At this stage is the transfer of site design in HTML code.
Filling the site content and site optimization. In order to increase the visibility of the site in search engines, you need to fill the site with unique content and to optimize all pages.
Testing - a very important stage and it can not be neglected in any case. Once the site is created, it is mandatory testing. After which the site is installed on a hosting site and is ready to go.

The result of the work

  • The site communicates meaning to your target customer and reveals all the value of the product or service
  • Converting traffic into leads
  • Attracting new customers
  • Internet sales
Promotion on YouTube
We do everything to make your YouTube channel audience grow, the content become brighter and more interesting, and advertising campaigns were memorable and effective.
Our work process

We promote brands on YouTube
  1. strategy development and implementation
  2. channel design
  3. video uploading and optimization
  4. creation of playlists
  5. channel promotion
  6. setting up advertising campaigns to promote video content
  7. shooting of advertising videos

Result of the work

- Popularization of your company
- Attracting potential customers looking for your company or product on YouTube
- Increase of sales
- Increase in traffic to the site
- Providing reports on the result
starting from $ 370
Chatbots Facebook / Telegram / Viber
The fastest way to get an answer is to chat.
A bot is software that can be programmed to perform a certain set of actions on its own. A bot is like a wind-up toy.
We configure it to do what we want it to do and then it winds up, which allows it to do everything without you. This saves time and helps us accomplish tasks more efficiently.
Our work process

  • Defining a goal for the chatbot
  • Creating an audience of subscribers from your customer base.
  • Attracting new subscribers
  • Monthly maintenance
  • Sending content to subscribers

Work result

  • Automated answers to frequently asked questions
  • Quickly notify your customers of promotions or news
  • Warming up potential customers
  • Attracting new customers
starting from $ 370
Contextual advertising
Agree, for any business it is important to find the fastest, shortest route to the target audience. Contextual advertising copes with this task perfectly. It is she holds the leadership among the tools of Internet promotion for many years.

Contextual advertising - a text ad that shows ads to users at the request, if these queries added to the advertiser's campaign settings. Ads are shown to the user at the exact moment when he himself has shown interest in the product or service and may be ready to buy.

Our work process

  • Analysis of the business and setting tasks. Before we start developing a campaign, we get into the subject of the business and understand what results to strive for. This can be sales promotion, attracting traffic, informing about new products, etc.
  • Selection of keywords. Your ads will be shown according to the chosen requests. This stage is extremely important. Proper selection of keywords will provide a good flow of visitors to the site.
  • Preparation of landing pages. They respond to a specific user query. Without such pages is difficult to attract targeted visitors. Therefore, this point is sure to perform.
  • Creating ads. At this stage we make ads with unique and catchy texts, for each advertising service individually.
  • Launching an advertising campaign. So. When the goals are clear, keywords selected, ads created, campaign set up. Now you can run the campaign and monitor statistics and user behavior. From this point, begins to show ads and the first target visitors to the site.

The result of the work

  • Attracting potential customers who are looking for your company or product
  • Increase in sales
  • Increase in traffic to the site
  • Reports on the results
starting from $ 750
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